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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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The E-GMAT verbal online is a great resource for all prospective GMAT test takers, it is very well structured and provides good insights which will helped me to solve Verbal questions with more accuracy and in less time.

I started the course, and then realized that I should have enrolled a long time back. It gave me a very solid framework, based on which I can look for patterns in the GMAT verbal questions. All its rules and the method of teaching impressed me a lot. Especially the SC portion helped me the maximum.
Then I thought to upgrade my account to Verbal Live-Prep. To me the SC and RC sessions helped a lot. CR sessions were not that impressive to me
I have been trying to go through all sections now as i am almost at the end of my course
The offline support and motivation has scope for improvement but still worth the money I spent

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