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I am very bad test taker i got a v19 in my first attempt.i had no strategy whatsoever for verbal.I just tried to remember the rules from MGMAT and solve.I was lucky sometimes to get the correct answer while practicing og questions but i didnt know why the wrong answer was wrong.and finally because of this the exam got me and all my weaknesses were exposed.i held myself and straight away registered for EGMAT.The pricing is very reasonable for the quality they give.The course answered all my questions. course made me realize my shortfalls in concept as well as in attacking strategy.
E-GMAT can be useful because after each lesson there are quizzes to complete. The quizzes help us understand the lessons.I am able to narrow down answers based on meaning.The egmat three step process is really good method to be sure of the answer.
e-GMAT is an excellent source for GMAT.they have a very good understanding about gmat exam and can guide us better our skills.
i recently gave a MGMAT exam and got a V32. I totally give e-gmat credit for this drastic verbal improvement. I will recommend this course to everyone especially their sentence correction and critical reasoning courses are amazing.They have verbal quizzes of 36 questions each which will give us a very good estimate of our ability and skills.They go so deep into each topic that we will have a good understanding and that too in a simplified way.I used grockit afterwards to check my understanding and get to my weaknesses.i would say this course was very helpful for me because i had no knowledge prior to this about the basics.
I am really happy to be associated with e-gmat.i am going to take my gmat in a months time.

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