May 31, 2015

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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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At early I purchased only sentence correction course from e-GMAT to ensure if it comes with its promises or not.And just after 15 to 20 days I purchased the whole verbal on-line course after seeing that sentence correction was very helpful and that I got to know when I was giving my mock test.How to break the structure of the sentence was very helpful and that was the first thing I learnt in e-GMAT. Initially it felt like a cumbersome method or you can say a lengthy method but after practising some questions it became like a second nature to me while solving the question.I don't much problem in CR but after going through the course CR became more easier.One most go through e-gmat course to understand the over all concept in Verbal very well.I had purchased other verbal course previously but I think it was nothing but disaster.One more thing I would like to mention that the e-GMAT is very prompt in replying to your concern.

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