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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I have already evaluated couple of in-person tutoring centers but I wasn't confident in improving my score in a significant manner. I was looking for ways to improve my verbal skills and after reading a lot of reviews I chose the verbal online course.

The course is balanced with each of SC, RC and CR. The video courses are concise and designed for beginners and helped me focus on the core. I am greatly impressed by the sentence correction strategies in the module. The logical approach to solve SC questions is excellent.

I am now able to solve some difficult SC questions comfortably by using the strategies in the tutorials. I also notice that the time to solve questions has reduced by a good margin. Practice exercises after every session is a plus. In addition, the explanations for the wrong answers in the course has been of great value.

I also find the pre-thinking strategy for Critical Reasoning a very useful and result oriented technique. I would highly recommend this package to other GMAT aspirants.

Thanks E-GMAT team.

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