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Simply excellent verbal course for any GMAT aspirant!!


Improvement 70 Points

Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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Like any other non-native, I was also deeply concerned about my verbal skills. While preparing for GMAT, initially I read all the Manhattan books thoroughly & other verbal content available online and wrote my GMAT and scored poorly on verbal(V31). Then on gmatclub forum, i read about e-gmat courses. After going through the free sessions, i came to knew that my verbal fundamentals were weak. The sessions were so
good and so easy to understand that i subscribed for the Verbal online course. The course helped me master the fundamentals very well because the course is designed keeping in view the problems faced by non-natives in understanding verbal basics. The course content is very rich and that too without using hi-fi verbal jargons. The scholaranium has such a brilliant collection of questions that each & every concept is tested in depth. It helped me identify my weaknesses and work on them. This time I didn't touched any other book except e-gmat and again wrote my GMAT and scored a pretty good V41 i.e. an improvement of 10 points on verbal itself.

So, overall a big thumbs up to e-gmat.

Thanks and all the best!!

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