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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I purchased e-gmat's Verbal Online after reading promo materials about how they were perfect for non natives. The first thing that turned me off was the quality of their site and study material delivery. Their lessons were good enough but the practice material was very inadequate (in number of questions, tracking, site navigation). Another problem that I found was that they relied on testing for all error types in each question in a certain order in each answer choice, which would require a huge time investment to get that method down to one - two minutes (which in itself was inefficient). I was hoping it would teach me to make solving verbal questions intuitive but all they stressed upon was a 'process' which is supposed to help you because you are a non-native. I feel e-gmat's verbal online is more beneficial for someone who has less experience in English (certainly not Indians who did their schooling in English) they can surely boost themselves to a level of 35 from say, 25.

I saw no score improvement in verbal score (from 36). One minor gripe that I had was the study material was presented in non standard graphical manner (no matching fonts, all very colourful), but that maybe because I am a designer and critical about these things.

Note: The free Edvento and 800score memberships were a huge bonus and somewhat made up for the lack of good resources.

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