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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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Egmat verbal online course is bang on to those who want to improve their verbal score.
It is quite handy for those who are stuck at 20-25 verbal score and want to push it to 38 and beyond.
Be it SC or CR or RC, they have a systematic approach to each and every question type.

Course Details:
The course has pre-recorded videos and a self assessment tool called "Scholaranium" .
After every topic, there will be an assessment quiz to test your understanding of the topic. The Scholaranium tool is an advanced analytics tool to assess one's weaknesses and strengths. They use a unique technique called Tackt time for timing strategies.

My Experience:
For me CR was a major improvement area. I would always jot down to 2 options and get the incorrect choice marked.
With the Pre-thinking strategy of egmat, I knew where I was going wrong. This strategy helped me in going from 5-6 wrong CR questions to 1-2.
Egmat SC has the simplest way of approach. This approach made me realize that GMAT afterall is an adaptive test and If you get to know the nuances of it, anyone cross the barrier of 700 score.

I personally liked the verbal course, considering the fact that I was a non-native speaker and from engineering background.
I would highly recommend this course for verbal score improvement. This course is a perfect ROI :P

And not to forget that the Egmat team is always there to clarify doubts and answer any queries regarding the test as such.

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