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I am pursuing my major in Economics in Madrid (Spain). As a non-native speaker I was afraid that this could hurt my score specially in the verbal section. I started preparing the GMAT right after springbreak (April 1st). In my first mock exam before buying the e-gmat course I got 600 so I had to work hard because my target schools are Columbia, Booth , HBS and Stanford. On average I spent 7 hours a day working on the gmat. I took my second mock after 3 weeks and got 660. I kept working and one week before the test I got 680 in the (Q49/V34). I spent the last week going through the verbal section of the e-gmat online course and then I went to LA to take the exam.
Quantitative part was ok, the same as in the mock exam. Then I started the verbal section and the questions seemed too easy. I thought that I was doing it wrong because if you have the question right then they become harder, but they seem easy. I left the exam devastated without any hope and then I received the grade: a 720! i could not beleive it. I got 40 in the verbal section (91 percentile) what was completely unexpected and I am sure it was because of that last week I spent working on the e-gmat course.
Now I am working on the essays and I will apply in the first round.
Good luck to everyone

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