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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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Hi everyone I am currently taking the E-GMAT's verbal online course on suggestion of my friends from B-Schools in India
and guess what it turned out to be the most fun filled adventure of a life time. The whole course starting
from the basic content to the most advanced concept was very smoothly designed for even an amateur like me to
understand basics of English grammar. The whole new concept of not reading the text book and accessing contents online with pre and post assessment test really inclined me towards understanding the concept properly. The sentence correction though being the most weakest link has now turned into a strength ,about other concepts like the RC and CR has also been explained very well with proper explanation,quizzes and OG questions. However what I liked the most was the new introduced section of IR which explains the most common tricks to efficiently use the graphs to deduce the answers. I am planning to take my test on October and hope to do well.

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