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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I took gmat in Nov14 and scored a measly 660 with a score of 31 in verbal section and this was despite covering the SC and CR books of Manhattan. I realized that I knew most of the grammar rules but I lacked in their application, I did not have an appropriate strategy to handle different types of questions. With the aim to improve the strategy part I was looking for an online source that can help me work on my deficiencies. It was at this juncture I came across egmat, I watched some of the free videos that were available and really liked them, I was particularly impressed with the emphasis given to the areas in which non native speakers generally lack and hence I decided to enroll for the course. The course content was comprehensive covering not only most advanced and challenging topics but also providing a solid foundation in basics. Videos covered each topic in detail and practice tests helped in reinforcing the concepts learned. Overall, I found the course to be extremely beneficial as it helped me work on weaknesses and reinforce areas of strength.

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