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After 2 months of self-study, I was going nowhere with my verbal. Accuracy was not improving. With just 1 month left for the exam date, I signed up for eGMAT. eGMAT has ONE OF THE BEST comprehensive materials out there for verbal. I watched all the videos. After every concept, there are application files and practice files that really make your concepts solid. I absolutely enjoyed scholaranium concept. I just wish I could have used up all my ability quizzes (I could take only 40% of the quizzes because I had limited time). Also, I couldn't use the resources available for IR, but I believe they're equally good. I got a V39 in my first GMAT attempt. While I didn't get a V40-42 as i had wished to, I was more confident than ever before with my verbal concepts and I could tell that V38 is a guarantee.

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