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I would like to share my experience with E-gmat Verbal Online. The course content is great and meticulously planned to give a good insight into each verbal section specially the SC which i happened to focus more. I did manage to run through the CR course before my 2nd GMAT attempt though i was quite literally struggling to master this section. Another area of weakness was RC and here to i was not in a position to complete the course despite the 6mth validity period. So i just decided to give the exam come what may with just a fair improvement in SC.

Honestly i would Not be the right person to give a constructive feedback on the CR & RC courses as i haven't mastered the E-gmat process yet. This is more to do with the kind of approach i used in practice which was best suited to me but never yeilded concrete results. But i am sure the course if pursued with due diligence would yeild results.

Just to add to my prep , I have enrolled for the E-gmat Vlive prep to understand the gaps in my learning and as of now i can already see further improvement in SC. I believe I can master the CR and RC courses if i can manage to diligently follow their process

Only concern i have is the time frame recommended for this Vonline course. I found that to be challenging since my fundamentals in Verbal were totally exposed in the 1st GMAT and literally it was learning verbal from scratch. Hence i did take a lot more time to cover the majority(SC & CR) of Vonline.

I would recommend this course for people who need just a brush up on the fundas and for others like me i suggest directly enroll for live prep which is more comprehensive in all aspects.

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