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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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Phase I :

I am an Power Plant Engineer and currently work for a government power sector. When the idea of taking GMAT came in my mind, I started preparing on my own from the resources available for free at GMAT Club. Though I became confident day by day in the Quant Part but I realized that that quality of confidence lacked for the Verbal Part. Though I spent a lot of time and effort in Verbal but the improvement was not there. I analyzed that inherently I was comfortable with Quant Section but my Verbal Part was a disaster.

Phase II :

With many doubts and thoughts unanswered in my mind I googled the GMAT Club for Verbal online course that will suit me. I came across a dozen of them all claiming to be the best. Even I saw many of the courses free Verbal videos but couldn't relate anyone of them to my requirements ( The one that starts from scratch and approaches to superior level). One evening when I was googling through GMAT Club, I got a invitation to attend a free Webinar on SC from e-GMAT guys. I registered for the same and attended. That event made a huge difference.

Phase III :

After attending the session for almost 3 hours in the evening, I knew this course is the one that I would buy. The reason being, I had never seen such a Quant Type Approach ( because in Quant if you know the steps to follow, you will solve it correct). Since I am a guy from engineering background, I prefer a methodical approach in all types of problems, be it Quant or Verbal, and that approach wise SC solving technique really fascinated me.

Then I also attended the CR Pre-thinking Webinar, and with no surprise, the way/ strategy to approach the CR questions was really very different and effective. So with this I decided to go for Verbal Online Course of e-GMAT.

Phase IV :

I never had a The process-wise approach to attack the GMAT SC and CR better for the non native speakers like me. I have gone through the e-GMAT course module many times to get the process wired in me. First I thought that I am investing too much time in understanding the process and then applying it, but this investment of time seems paying me now in form of accuracy and time saving. Though I don't have an official GMAT score to prove my point at this time but I can see the improvement while solving problems during my practice sessions. The logical diagram to connect Premise and Conclusion dilutes the haunting CR problems and gets you to the right track of thinking with a clear understanding. You can really visualize the argument and its assumptions.

Thanks a lot e-GMAT Team

Saunak Dey

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