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Earlier, I had never opted for any online courses earlier, but had definitely used the online resources available like the 60 days preparing schedule given by Beat The GMAT (BTG), e-books from GMAT Club (GC), scavenged regularly on forums of BTG and GC etc. Armed with all the knowledge gathered from these site's i attempted my first GMAT. Unfortunately i was way below my target score. My main drawback was Verbal, as i am a non-native speaker, the score in verbal hit me hard. But i was determined to achieve my desired score,so i started my preparation again. This time i tweaked my approach, opted for an online course. After reading a lot of reviews in various forums, i decided to invest in E-GMAT's online verbal course.

I must say i have not regretted my decision of investing in E-GMAT's online verbal course. My learning curve has grown exponentially. Currently i am in midst of my preparation for my second attempt at GMAT. Now, i can say confidently EGMAT has enlightened me and infused me with confidence, to approach the SC and Logical reasoning questions more methodically to achieve success in solving them.

Scholarium of the EGMAT helps you to accustom yourself with the actual GMAT exam, helping you improve your performance by providing constant feedback on each of your attempts. Folks at EGMAT are constantly improving the application as, i have seen new questions being added, new learning methodologies being implemented and more e-learning videos being added to simply the learning process.

I would defiantly recommend EGMAT verbal course online to all non-native speaker's seeking help to improve their score.

Kudos to EGMAT team!!!

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