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I decided to enroll for e-GMAT because I wanted a course that provided me complete flexibility and allowed me to pace myself as per my liking. Additionally, the instructors were Indian, so I though I would get a better perspective on how to approach GMAT exam as an Indian candidate.

I found it to be a good course in that it had summarized the important concepts tested on GMAT in one place. It could certainly be a great course for someone who was starting with a poor verbal score. However, in my case I began when I was scoring 38-41 in GMAT Prep verbal section. In fact, I scored 38 in one of e-GMAT's own workshops, without much preparation. I diligently went through the entire course and also attended e-GMAT's final workshops where they try to teach you how to maximize your score. I wish I had not attended that workshop, because in an effort to act 'cute' and follow the 'clever' strategies they suggested, I screwed up my verbal section and scored only 35.

I decided to retake my GMAT and requested e-GMAT to extend my subscription. They asked for a proof of registration, which I found a bit weird because not always does a person plan the exact date. I certainly didn't want to lose that flexibility. Anyway, I decided to look at other options, and i'm glad I found MGMAT's forum, which I used to review various GMAT Prep official questions I had downloaded from GMATClub. Using those reviews, I was able to identify my mistakes and improve my sentence correction accuracy. I scored 41 in the verbal section of my second GMAT attempt.

So if someone is thorough with the basic concepts, I won't recommend this course. But if someone is looking to learn various sentence correction concepts, then it's a fantastic course. e-GMAT is a great company, but unfortunately I didn't have a very favorable experience with their course and their subscription extension policy.

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