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Great verbal course for non natives !!!


Improvement 120 Points

Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

Location Online

I took a mock gmat 8 months back and wasn't surprised to find out that my main weakness was Verbal. Being an engineer, I was good in Quant. Hence I wanted a course that can strengthen the foundations required for cracking Verbal. After a lot of research, I found that verbal online course offered by e-gmat was the most suitable and cost effective for me.

Currently I am giving my practice tests and am able to consistently score above 700.
This increase is definitely due to the improvement that I have managed to make in my verbal score.

A few things that I loved about their Verbal strategies:

1) They emphasize on understanding the meaning of the sentence first and then identifying the error and then looking at the answer choice (earlier I used to directly look at the answer choices which would increase my confusion).

Also understanding the meaning helps especially in solving harder gmat questions as gmat often misuses certain words such as modifiers or change the voice of the sentence to correct the error but change the meaning.

Also a separate grammar section at the very beginning was very helpful to clear the basics. I think this part is very useful for the non natives.

2) In CR, they follow a unique approach of forming the Logical structure of the argument which helps identifying the scope & assumptions of the argument. Also pre-thinking helps you understand the argument better and weed out incorrect answer choices easily.

3) In RC, their approach of summarizing the topic really helped me solve questions with accuracy as it is very easy to get overloaded with information especially in humanity/history passages.

Overall I am very satisfied with the Verbal content.
I highly recommend Verbal to any non native who is struggling. They also offer some free concepts on their website where you can see first hand the quality of their resources.

Best wishes

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