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E-GMAT SC course


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I gave my exam yesterday and scored a 730. My split was V48 V42 in maths and verbal respectively. I had enrolled for the E-gmat Sentence correction course and the thing i appreciated most was the sincerity in preparing the audio visuals. When i started out my preparation i used to score around 660, primarily because i was not doing well in sentence correction. Even though i did extremely well in rc and cr , i struggled with sc because i lacked a proper approach. Thankfully E-gmat fixed that.
Egmat provides a good number of practice questions and equally good explanations. Their approach to sentence correction is probably the best among all the prep companies.Even if you cannot follow their exact methodology, the course will equip you with enough knowledge to spot the errors. Overall i feel it was a great decision to purchase this course and it probably pushed my score up by 20-30 points.

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