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eGMAT Verbal is a must to crack the GMAT


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I thank eGmat for preparing a wonderful learning experience for GMAT Verbal.
Learning Verbal from eGmat has changed the way I approach Verbal questions.
I improved from a V25 to V34 after learning Verbal from eGMAT's Verbal Online.

I considered SC to be my strong area until I came through this course. The learnings that eGMAT gave me for SC were invaluable, and ensured that both my accuracy and percentile score for SC were consistently above 85%.

Whilst taking GMAT on my first attempt, I had not idea about how to crack CR questions. I relied on random techniques, achieving low accuracy, but eGMAT's CR course changed the way I approached CR questions. I learnt the importance of pre-thinking - how to think and what to think. It meant that I already knew the scope of the answer and at times even the content of the answer without even looking at the options.

eGMAT's methodology to approach and answer RC passages is the best that I came across. I learnt the right approach and cracked the toughest questions across different passages available in practice quizzes and egmat's scholoranium. If someone wants to learn the way to crack RC, eGMAT's RC course is the best option available.

I had the confidence to score a 38-40 in GMAT in Verbal after I had completed the eGMAT's Verbal course. I was a li'l unfortunate that no one suggested me to opt for eGmat to crack the exam when I started with my GMAT preparations. I will recommend my friends and anyone else to opt for eGMAT's verbal courses, if you wish to crack the GMAT.
Thank you eGmat.

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