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Amazing Course for Verbal!


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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Hello! I would like to highly recommend e-GMAT for verbal course.
I started my GMAT preparation by joining a reputed coaching center. From beginning itself, my weaker area was verbal hence I concentrated the most on this section.

I would say I was doing fairly well by the time I was going to take my GMAT exam. I was scoring between 38-42 in all four GMAT prep exams in the verbal section. However, in the actual exam I had to settle with a very low score of V 29. During post analysis of my exam, I understood that my biggest fault was exam taking strategy. Other biggest mistake was my impression that my basics are clear in CR. However, I was really struggling in CR during the exam and surprisingly in SC as well, which was my biggest strength as per me. I understood that my basics and approach towards the problem was not correct.

I subscribed to e-GMAT Verbal course. The experience was fantastic. The interactive way of teaching with presentations was quite effective. All the basics are covered very nicely.
Along with that the teaching approach with "Pre- thinking" method is very helpful. Furthermore, the questions at the end of each topic and the detailed approach to solve the question helps a lot in understanding the approach.
Moreover, the question bank " Scholaranium" is one of the best things that I have found for verbal practice. The levels of questions are very good and resemble pretty much to actual GMAT. Along with that for me the biggest requirement was solutions to the problems. Scholaranium provided in depth solutions to all the problems with amazing "Pre- thinking" approach. I should surely mention the help we get from teachers in solving our doubts. The teachers are very strong and respond very quickly.

The result was a good jump to V34 in my second attempt. In my second innings also I was scoring between 38-40 in verbal section in GMAT preps but this time I was more confident in my approach to solving problems. I would say I could have got much better in verbal in my second attempt also but again I screwed up because of my glitch in exam taking strategy. But surely my confidence level and comfortness with questions were much higher this time.

All the credit goes to e-GMAT!

My first attempt score was 640. Finally scored 690. Split as follows:

Just two days back received the R2 results of ISB and have got admit in ISB Mohali.:-)

Thanks and Regards,

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