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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I was actively looking for courses online for my verbal preparation. Since I have graduated from one of the top engineering colleges in India, I never faced issues with quant section. Without much efforts I was scoring in the range of 49 - 51. However my pain point was the verbal section. I did not have proper structure in place for verbal preparation. Also, I could never develop the confidence of reaching a point where I could say that I would score > 35 in the verbal section. In fact I was constantly scoring in the range of 26-30 in this section. I had exhausted all the study materials I had such as the Manhattan SC guide, Manhattan cr guide and some other materials which I found online. Such was my frustration level that I decided to put my preparation on hold as there was uncertainty of my score in the verbal section despite my sincere efforts. Then I stumbled upon eGMAT verbal online course on facebook. I realised that there were a bunch of people who were in the same boat as I was with strong quant skills but weak verbal skills, but with eGMAT's assistance had sailed through all the hurdles. I just took the decision of going ahead with this course. I think this step single handedly changed the course of my preparation.

Here are the positive points about the course. In case a student is facing trouble in the verbal section, try eGMAT for the following reasons.
1) Great quality content: The team has created online video courses for each and every important section thats important from GMAT prep perspective with very nice illustrations and top quality examples.
2) Online test platform : eGMAT provides its users with a tool called scholarium which is a very powerful platform to analyse ones performance/progress after one completes certain topics. Additionally it lets you set the topics you would specifically like to be tested on with attributes such as time, sub section, etc. Highly effective in my case. I used it extensively by filtering questions based on the topics I wasn't good at and started tracking my progress.
3) Expert's help: Whenever you are in doubt, you could write to them and you can expect a reply in just 2-3 days with concept clearing answers.
4) SC : The team provides a secret sauce particularly in this section. Honestly I started enjoying solving SC questions. I reached a very high accuracy rate for SC questions.
5) Study plan : The eGMAT team also provides its users with a study plan. This is also very effective as it defines your goals for the course of your preparation.
6) Very economical : The verbal online course is priced at a very reasonable rate compared to products offered by eGMAT's competitors.

Please register for eGMAT if you are struggling with verbal section. Haven't tried their quant but I can vouch for their verbal section. Trust me. I have seen ample materials online but none comes close to the quality which eGMAT provides.

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May 11, 2017

Hi i joined e-GMAT verbal live prep batch 01/04/2017,which ended on 07/05/2017.It was a great course,as far as i improved my Verbal score from v13 to v23. Although,the very first time i appeared was on 31st march without any or much of preparation and landed up in getting extremely poor score.Any way after a long gap of study almost 26 years at sea. In fact i did not finish the complete verbal live prep as far as home work and other post live session study is required.May be one can say about only 50% of study i appeared for workshop and scored v23. In fact it is not recommended to appear with preparation like me but again,i wanted to test myself ,where do i stand in the crowd.I am attending Quant live prep from 14/05/2017 and i hope to complete all my verbal live prep post live session home with Quant live prep from 14/05/2017.Its a great improvement for me in verbal and i hope i will achieve v37 by end of June 2017 with believing to score well in the final phase of Quant live prep.The next,2nd attempt GMAT date is on 29/06/2017.Lets hope for best.It was amazing live session and will continue with quant as well.Excellent team of teaching faculty.

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