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e-Gmat is a must for non-native test takers!


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In my previous GMAT attempt, I scored high in quant but had a low score in the verbal section, which pulled my overall score down. I am retaking the exam this year and I have decided to take the help of e-Gmat (as recommended by a friend who score 760 overall)!
I must say that I am throughly impressed by e-GMAT's techniques and methods of attempting problems especially in the Sentence Correction part. The three step approach to solving a question - meaning analysis, error analysis and options analysis is a beautiful strategy that can help one solve any SC question with a decent accuracy. Not only this, the concept of takt time can be used to monitor one's performance and confidently skip some questions, and still get a high score. Having mastered my speed, I am currently looking to improve my accuracy. Yet another product 'Scholaranium' (a part of the Verbal Online Course) provides me with a good set of practice question and helps me to understand my areas of improvement. I would strongly recommend non-native English speakers to give e-GMAT a try!

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