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Hello Everyone !
This review is for someone who is a non-native like me (although I feel that e-mat will surely help natives and non-natives alike). Before e-gmat I tried 2 courses for verbal - 1. Manhattan Gmat Verbal and EmpowerGMAT. After completing the above 2 courses I was still struggling to break the 700 mark because of weak sentence correction. I went through the Manhattan SC guide twice along with listening to EmpowerGMAT verbal multiple times but could never feel comfortable doing SC Questions. The problem with EmpowerGMAT is that it relies too much on one's ear. Manhattan GMAT SC guides on the other hand are really good for understanding individual rules but when it comes to applying 3-4 different rules/concepts in real GMAT like questions some how I was always making mistakes. The explanations for OG questions in the book and the online videos are not helpful. The explanations fail to unambiguously convey to the reader why a particular options is right vs why other options are not.. In short the explanations are a lot like the explanations in the OG guide. So after struggling with SC for about 1-1.5 month I decided to give e-gmat a try.
It turned out to be an excellent course and a good value for money. e-gmat teaches you a very methodical approach which can be used for all SC Questions alike without any exceptions. I must say that at first the 3 step approach (Meaning Analysis, Error analysis and options analysis) made me feel like I could never complete the question in 90 odd seconds if I were follow the approach to the letter but as I solved more and more questions (say 20-30 questions) following the same approach my accuracy improved quite a bit and the average time required to solve a SC question went down. Ultimately my verbal score improved from a below par V26 in mock tests to V38 in actual test and I could break the 700 mark.

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