June 15, 2016

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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I scored V38. During the test, I felt that my performance on SC isn't as good as I hoped.

I reflected on where I went wrong. I used to primarily look for grammatical errors and not meaning errors. And that strategy resulted in a lower accuracy when answering questions. (70-75%).

I realized that I needed a mindset change of not jumping the gun and start looking for errors, rather understand the meaning of the original sentence before attempting to eliminate incorrect responses.

Through all the online sessions, e-GMAT did a great job of highlighting the need to understand the meaning of sentences.

I really liked the split technique of breaking complex sentences into clauses. e-GMAT's step-by-step process of eliminating incorrect answers is the best aspect of their offering. It helped me standardize my approach while answering each & every question.

Verbal Scholarinium is a great tool that helped me test my learning and track my response time.

If you are a non-native and struggling with SC questions, e-GMAT's SC offering should be your first choice.

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