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730 Q50 V39

730 from 590 in 40 days!


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I was apprehensive about this course initially since I didn't have many days left for the exam and 150$ seemed a lot (considering free prep material are available online too!) However, I decided to try the verbal online since I had attended the free webinars and found them really good. Also, they promise to return your money within a week if you don't like the course. And I found it great! I didn't have much to do except just blindly follow their study schedule. I watched the lectures, took the tests and improved on my errors. I asked doubts, made notes and actively participated in the forums. GMAT official guides and the e-gmat questions proved to be enough. I was so impressed with the verbal online that i purchased the quant online within a week. My scores started improving immediately. I took a test every 10 days I suppose, so I only took about 4 tests and my scores were:

590(Q44, V29) [mgmat]
640(Q48, V29) [gmat prep]
I took the egmat course now.
660(Q44,V36) [mgmat]
710(Q49,V36) [gmat prep]

730(Q50,V39) - OFFICIAL SCORE!

I made notes and reviewed them the day before my exam. I also did the D-S and Quant from the official guide only about 2 days before the exam, I guess that's why my mock scores weren't inflated. I was busy with the egmat questions until then.

Scholaranium does an AWESOME job in preparing you for the tests. You take tests, check solutions, make notes and in the process internalize the methods and questions. I actually had fun preparing through e-gmat.

Some points to note:

1. I wouldn't say 40 days are enough for everyone to see that improvement since I had taken leave from work so could spend around 12 hours per day studying.

2. They sometimes take about 3-4 days to respond to doubts which was A LOT for me since I was in a hurry to get done with topics as soon as possible. However, the explanations are good and they always respond.

3. Some solutions in quant are lengthy and their could be other better methods to solve the same. But the questions are good, the interface is great and you could always learn something new from solutions that are not otherwise the best!

All in all I think this is a great course!

I didn't pay any attention to AWA or IR, but their IR course looks good too and would definitely benefit.

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