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Focussed Improvement in Short Time thanks to e-gmat


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I started my GMAT prep with the usual Manhattan & OG, followed by Magoosh. However,my verbal score hit a plateau score of 34-35, even after giving considerable hours of practice. Going through the gmatclub website, I found good reviews of e-gmat, and decided to sign up for the free account. I instantly felt the effectiveness of the course structure.

This was when I saw the 2 strategy webinars by Rajat, and was strongly motivated with an aim to score 750+. This was when my appointment was 15 days later. After some emails to understand the structure, I completed the SC course within 10 days.
Not only was I able to select the correct answers, but the approach enabled me to justify why the rest options were wrong. This was a huge confidence booster.

While I couldn't complete the CR and RC sections at the time, I felt that these equally well structured and effective. My GMAT score on 9th September'15 was 700, with a verbal score of 38.

The second best thing I like about e-gmat, is that they understand and empathize with students, and are extremely flexible. My request to pause the account was instantly approved, and I have resumed my preparation again. Moreover, after my subscription expired, my request for an extension was also accepted.

My suggestion to the students presently thinking about giving their gmat, is to watch the 2 strategy webinars, as all your doubts regarding the test will vanish. Also, once you start using e-gmat, follow their advice throughout, including solving the OG questions after each module.

Have registered for a retake on 4th September, and hope to score 750 this time.

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