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E-GMAT Verbal Online


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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The course was very comprehensive especially the SC section. The best way to efficiently use this course is to go through the concept files and solve the scholaranium questions. The support provided by e-gmat experts are also amazing.The concepts of PreThinking and falsification condition while solving the CR questions was amazing. The RC section contains ample number of questions to equip you with nice preparation. The practice tool Scholaranium is among the best tools available online to practice GMAT like questions. Not only are the the practice questions great but also the analysis are immensely helpful in identifying your weak areas within each section of SC/CR/RC.
I wish they would have more full length practice tests available as part of Scholaranium.
Backed up with a great support team, the e-GMAT course is among the most sought after options available for anyone who is looking for all in all comprehensive course to tackle the verbal section on the GMAT.
I would highly recommend it!

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