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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

Location Online

1. Provides a very well structured study plan with concepts and quizzes for each section. (This may be useful for anyone who lacks discipline)
2. Comes with free mock exams that can generate performance analytical reports. (However, the timer doesn't work well, leading to wrong timings of your response time)
3. The e-GMAT time was kind enough to extend my course when I couldn't finish it in time. (The login was valid for about 6 months and they extended it for 2 months)

1. Repetition in both contents and methods. I completed the whole course and took notes diligently. At the end I found some similar notes appeared multiple times--some contents were repeated here and there. The few e-GMAT methods used to solve Verbal questions were heavily repeated.

2. Methods don't work. In theory they sound good. But after studying the course for 8 months, I found these methods very time consuming and mentally draining in practice. They just don't work well in mock/real GMAT exams.

3. The course is very inflexible. This inflexibility, coupled with the fact that the course is extremely content heavy, makes it very time consuming to finish the whole course. It took me 8 months to finish (I work full time). I can't control my pace. Some contents are easy for me and repeated too much. The repetition plus sheer volume of contents buries the important areas which I may be weak at. It feels as if you read a whole library of books within 8 months. At the end, your mind goes blank. Maybe you remember a little here and there but nothing stands out. ROI is just so low: you spent so much time reaping so little improvement in your verbal skills.

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