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Excellent Course for the non-natives


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Hi Everyone,
I am a non-native test taker, In my first attempt in Dec'2015, my score was Q48 V20, that time I wasn't prepared much, over that there was big dilemma in my head about how to approach the questions properly. Well I would say I prepared hard, going through several books several times, completed OG'12 and OG'13. But without the right strategy in my head, I failed big time in my first attempt , my break up for the score was Q48, V20, AWA 4.5 and IR 6. I know its really a bad score, but I also realized that I prepared really hard for it. Then it struck me, What I lacked was a proper guidance and strategy to attempt the question. I googled about different approaches and different strategies, and planned to purchase a course specifically focusing on verbal section.I attended two different sessions conducted by e-GMAT team, one was for the strategy hosted by Rajat and another was focused on SC hosted by Payal. The sessions were so informative and helpful in devising the correct strategy to attack questions . I purchased their online course, I started my course with a single aim of improving my Verbal score and learn. They have videos for each of the sections.
For SC , I improved the most, I attended few more live sessions for SC and they made me realize how important and equally easy it is. They have broken down all the sub section s and in short videos of about 15-20 min each I learned as much as possible. They also had pre and post assessment quiz, which was really helpful for me to decide which parts I should focus more.
For RC, I believe after OG they have the best content. The passages were pretty much in line with the ones that appear in GMAT. Their strategy for RC was quite simplified and very helpful in increasing the accuracy.
For CR, Their sessions were really helpful. They taught about all the types of questions that appear on GMAT, and how to approach each on of them,They not only focused on how to choose the right answer but also how to eliminate the wrong ones. This is a really helpful approach to confirm the correct answer.
Another great part of their content is scholarinium, it is section where one can attempt the section wise quiz or the sub-section wise quiz. They have a lot of variety of questions and it really helps to keep the track of progress.
for any doubt they also have forum where people discuss their doubts, and the guides help them out. That really helps in understanding where I was going wrong.
In all I would say that they have an excellent , well-structured course, Though my Verbal score in GmatPrep Tests were really good, I lost my calmness in the real exam, and my score went bad. But my overall score improved.
They really focus on the basics and make the process a lot simplified.

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