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GMAT verbal conceptual clarity and insightful live sessions


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I have been using the e-GMAT's Verbal Online course for some time now. I fell back on my preparation due to work and daily life pressures but I've been using it for few months now. Their verbal online course is a great collection of videos which explain each and every concept in detail. If you don't want to be scanning multiple GMAT books then this is the course for you. I also recently attended a few free webinars with e-GMAT and was really impressed by the approach of the instructors. They concentrate on ensuring clarity of GMAT verbal concepts and explain how you should be applying them in the exam. After attending one of the SC sessions, I was immediately thinking differently and was able understand what mistakes I making. Actually, I've even decided to upgrade to Verbal Live Prep course because I feel the Live Sessions will be a critical component in my preparation.

I'm a working professional and it gets really hectic to fit GMAT preparation in my schedule. However, after using e-GMAT's Verbal online course and attending webinars I feel their course is a definite winner. They even provide you with well set study plans and which really is everything you need.

e-GMAT thanks for being our savior!

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