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600 to 770 and how egmat helped me


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I took the full quant and verbal course however there is no options to select that option. I have 3 important factors to attribute to this score
1. eGmat
i) Quant ::- I was ok with mathematical skills but my major concern was that I did not have the focus to go through the Manhattan guides or the official guide as they did not challenge me. Yet, my scores on the official exams were fairly bad. The structured quant content on the egmat helped me slowly go through the concept and keep track of where I am. Another nice factor about the quant course was that it is made it put you down and make you respect quant that we usually do not. So it is absolutely not easy get good score in assessment tests. The interactive nature of the course helps people with little attention span in keeping the interest alive.

Verbal ::- I needed polishing in verbal, I usually like studying verbal so it was more fun. The SC course is simply amazing , I only used that from my package. and it improved me in leaps and bounces and I could not rave more about it. for CR I had already used manhatten guide and was doing well so I did not finish the course. For RC I did go through the course but was doing ok before hand and I think this is a skill that only comes with practice.

scholaranium :: - This was surely the most amazing part of the package. The quality of questions are amazing , and the analytics would keep you pushing to improve. The quality of workout is so amazing that the real test frankly felt really easy. I initially used to crib about getting poor scores in scholaranium quizzes but it really came in handy during the test.

Gmat CLub Tests :: I got gmat club tests as part of the package from egmat and used them to fine tune my quant performance. I realized that my accuracy dramatically decreases during the last leg of the exam. taking 37 question tests with a difficulty way above the actual exam really helped me in getting rid of my timing issue.

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