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Dear friends,
I'm Rahul!

I hope this small story of mine finds you at the pink of your health !
Before i share my GMAT experience, i humbly apologize to spare me if i make any errors in my write-up as it's late at night and i'm just too tired to examine my writing skills ; i just want my thoughts to come over.
I heard of GMAT for the first time when i was in the final year of my college. It was really intimidating to listen to my friends when they discussed how tough it's to crack the GMAT. Well on those days, i never thought that i'd be taking the GMAT, not even in my wildest dreams. But thoughts gradually evolved after my professional career started in 2013. I saw the importance of an MBA to propel my career in the direction i wanted it to. As i delved into the details of B-schools, i was compelled by ISB's pedagogy and its experiential learning approach. So , i decided to take the GMAT in 2015 to realize my dream of making it to ISB. However, I was transferred to any new business unit, and things started falling apart as i was too bogged down by my professional commitments. So, life went on as it was and so did my job. Although i could hardly manage time for my preparation amidst my professional life, i never let a slightest dent to affect my belief that i could do it. With more than 3 years at my job, i realized it was high-time to get started if i wanted to excel and grow; it was the now or never situation for me. So, i enrolled myself at and started looking for options to get off the mark. A dear friend of mine, who is pursuing his MS in Washington, suggested that he heard of an online course called e-GMAT, and i should look at it for once. I enrolled for the free trial at e-GMAT's website, and was pretty satisfied with the selected topics i went through. Since i didn't have much time to do a lot of research, i immediately enrolled for its verbal online course and never regretted my decision; i didn't opt for the verbal live prep course as i wanted to study at my own pace and comfort because of my demanding job. I gradually picked up the pace and accelerated my preparation to take my GMAT before mid-Sep 2016 as i planned to apply to ISB in round 1 only. e-GMAT helped me to explore the subtleties of standard English grammar which are used in solving the sentence correction section of the GMAT. While many non-natives can claim to have good command over English, i bet everyone will be surprised to know that our assumptions on correct English and correct usage will fall apart as we delve into the details of what's actually required at GMAT. In addition, the modules on critical reasoning was also very thought-provoking as it helped to develop pre-thinking approach to successfully take on the reasoning section. Pre-thinking approach gives you an ability to assess the line of reasoning and come to your own answers without even looking at the choices. this experience has helped me in my AWA section too as this section also asks you to identify the flaw in the reasoning. The icing on the cake is the scholaranium section of the course. It housed a large number of questions, from the simplest to the toughest, to specifically judge your preparation level with varying difficulty level. it really honed my preparation for the verbal section. After 1.5 months of preparation, i took the GMAT on Sep22, 2016. I scored a 710 (Q50 and V37) in my very first attempt, and i was happy with my performance (couldn't have asked for more with 12+ hours in my job for almost 29 days a month). My overall scored improved by 70 points, and my verbal score improved by 9 points since i had taken my 1st mock, in which i scored a 640. I realize that i could have improved on my verbal score if i had a little more time to brush my verbal preparation further, but nevertheless i guess this is how life goes; sometimes, you don't have the luxury of too much preparation time. I'm truly indebted to the entire e-GMAT team for its peerless guidance. I've applied to my dream B-school and have been eagerly waiting for a positive response. Fingers crossed !!! Wish me luck !!!

Good luck to all of you for your endeavors !!!

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