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I took my first GMAT prep 4 years ago when I scored V24. I knew that I have to take a structured course to improve on my Verbal. While I seriously started preping for GMAT about 6-7months ago with M'tan prep books, I felt that I was still confused on some of the concepts. Thats when I signed up for e-gmat. e-gmat gives you an organised platform to study all verbal sections. Also, the tests on scholaranium are great source of practice. It helped me to reach a score of V32 - my first GMAT attempt score.
Although I had to sign-up for private tutor who helped me to further improve my verbal score( to V39), egmat laid the necessary foundation, especially in SC and CR sections.
One advise that I have for e-gmat is to include more material and practice questions on idioms. Idioms is one category that I feel is tested quite frequently on GMAT and where native speakers have clear advantage. Practicing idioms can help non-natives to address this weakness - my two cents!

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