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Quant was never an issue for me.But Verbal was always an Issue. I started my GMAT Verbal preparation by starting with few good recommended books. But on going through them the second time I realized that i had missed a lot of things and hence revisited them again. In this process I invested most of my preparation time in learning concepts than practicing.With this I gave my first attempt and it was disaster (V24,Q51).That's when i started with e-gmat verbal course.
As this was my second attempt and I was also working , course structure gave me enough encouragement to continue with my studies. The 'Correct' methodology you learn along with skillset and immediate application of them helped me a lot.And then off-course on completing the whole course there was Scholaranium to give me a very clear picture as to were i lag and which areas i need to focus on.
Thank you e-gmat for showing me a clear picture ahead when i was stuck and had no where to go.

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