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e-GMAT online verbal course is the best!!!!


Improvement 30 Points

Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

Location Online

e-GMAT verbal online course is one of the best courses I have taken so far in my life and it was a really good learning experience. Being posted at a relatively remote location of India, it was really difficult to access live courses and that is what is forced me to choose an online course. What I I liked most about e-GMAT are as follows:

1. e-GMAT's well-structured interactive course gave me an experiential learning through a step-by-step methodology for solving the practice questions.
2. The course encouraged me to first develop my concepts and then focus on timing, thereby helping me to reduce errors.
3.e-GMAT's focus on addressing the meaning related issues helped me improve my sentence correction dramatically.
4. e-GMAT's pronounced emphasis on the difference between ability and accuracy helped me understand what is actually required to score higher in GMAT. I improved my overall score by 30 points.
5. Webinars are just awesome. The recordings of webinars are good enough to clarify the concepts they address.

The specific modules/features I liked very much:
Sentence Correction: Modifiers
Reading Comprehension: Paragraph summaries to developing Main point.
Critical Reasoning: The concept of Pre-thinking.
Overall: Scholarnium-an awesome collection of 700+ questions that helped in sharpening the edge.

Having completed the course, I now feel confident about writing good English, which would help me in writing better B-school application essays. e-GMAT also helped me in my final hours of preparation by extending my courses. Thank you e-GMAT for all the valuable support!!!!

My 2 cents: e-GMAT verbal course is the best!!!!

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