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Hi Guys,

I could achieve my target score i.e. 710 (q49,v38) on GMAT. I underwent Verbal online course at e-gmat. Needless to say it has really helped me my verbal score. The program really explains the concepts thoroughly and in a concise manner. After going through a concept file, you really come out with a wow. I would highly recommend this program if you intend to only focus on your verbal and I pretty sure e-gmat's other program are also as good.

Only suggetion to E-gmat is to make the program a bit more interactive. While I know the program provides good analysis on weak and good areas, it would be really helpful to get some qualitative insights in a short mail. For instance: "In the last 30 days you have completed so and so sections and we find that you continuously get these right and these wrong"

Final word: the 'scholaranium', the explanation to each and every question is A-class. Just to give you a bit of analysis: I gave a gmat prep just after completing concept section - i scored a 640. Then I took a month or two to complete scholaranium, my score straight away jumped away to 680/690.

Keep doing the good work guys.

My official score report will be out in 2/3 days. I will provide a snapshot soon.

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