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Very thorough and helpful for Verbal practice!


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I signed up for the e-GMAT after reviewing them, Magoosh, and one or two other services. I needed help improving my score from a V38 so I can surpass my 700 in order to get closer to a 750. I already had a Q48/49/50 on practice and previous official exams, so I knew Verbal was where I needed to improve. I went from a V38 to a V41 by doing e-GMAT's Verbal section. Extremely thorough and helpful, with proper explanations, prompt assistance when needed, and practice questions with thorough explanations. They covered the most minute things that other programs I used did not cover. They really went down to showing you the how/why of each type of Verbal question type, grammar rule, etc. so if you truly want to break down and learn Verbal section, definitely do e-GMAT. For the price, it was totally worth it. Would highly recommend.

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