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e-GMAT is necessary and adequate tool to prepare for GMAt


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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Being a non-native, preparation in verbal course was necessary and need of the hour. My friend introduced me to e-GMAT and I cannot thank him enough for having done that. The videos provided by e-GMAT are full of adequate content and provide good practice questions. This course has helped me brush up my concepts very well.

The RC videos were really helpful as well. e-GMAT provides you a number of key strategies that you must keep in mind while reading through RCs. The best thing in e-GMAT is the scholaranium. it provides practice with previous GMAT test questions and thoroughly prepared questions that test understanding of concepts on the line of GMAT. scholaranium comes with practice and quiz options to practice questions and prepare for test conditions with timed quizzes.

Thank you e-GMAT once again and thanks to all those who read my review till the very end. I hope I was able to motivate a few of you out there like me, who may have totally given up on RC.

All the best to you all !!

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