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I relied completely on e-GMAT for my preparations and scored 710 (Q47, V40) in my very first attempt.
I have been out of school and getting back to academics after almost twelve years. The verbal section is very well organized into different segments. I simply followed the course as it was laid out. One important feature I felt is that the practice questions at the end of every chapter also directed you back to the Official Guide which is the most important source for the type of questions one can expect. Scholaranium is an excellent tool to analyze your mistakes and sections where you need the most improvement. You could also customize the ability quizzes and relevant sections to target areas where you think you are lacking. Overall, I felt the course is perfectly designed to suit the needs of what one wants to achieve in a limited time. It took me about 2-3 months of effective training to get to a 700+ score.

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