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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

Location Online

I took the E-gmat course after looking at a number of debriefs , stressing the need for E-gmat to help ace verbal. Being a non native speaker , i was happy that i found something that would help me cross the 700 barrier

Pros -

Covers SC , CR , RC , IR i.e 2 sections out of 4 i.e QA , VA , IR , AWA

lucid explanations

Cons -

Expensive ( better to share costs ) i feel at that price ,it could have offered a lot more in terms of no of questions
Egmat claims to have 3500 questions but the question bank has around 800 questions RC , CR , SC combined .

A lot of questions like find the noun , verb in the sentence etc are present but they are not gmat like , i mean they do help one prepare for Verbal section but claiming to have 3500 questions seems more of a marketing gimmick

I strongly believe every thing has 2 sides to it and so does this course. Studying this alone wont land you a 40+ in verbal , some techniques are only suitable for certain type of questions is what i feel. E-gmat definitely helps in preparation.

Since the course has helped me i would recommend it to people as a last resort , there is manhattan SC , Aristotle SC clubbed with various SC posts on the gmat club , all these resources utilised efficiently would give the same result as Egmat

Scholarium is easy to use but cannot switch between course and scholarium easily . I need to reopen the browser to access videos , this was an issue at times for me

Questions - 3/5
Platform - 3/5
Concepts 4-5

Overall experience - 3.5/5 but no 4
hence rating it 3/5

it's a good course but i am sure the benefits can be effectively reached in other ways as well

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