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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I had given by GMAT in 2014 and scored a 710 with 50 in quant and 34 in verbal. However, apart from sheer exhaustion from the long test due to lack of preparation, I had no clue how I ended up with that verbal score. I ended up going through a few books and online material to figure out what the problem was and why my verbal scores were just like a roll of dice, just randomly up or down.

Finally, I came across e-gmat and saw very positive reviews. I just took the free trial and also the webinar. I found the webinar waste of time probably because I had already given GMAT but the free trial was good. I enrolled for the full course and immediately observed a minor improvement due to the stress put on meaning over rules.

What really made a difference to me was, however, the Master Comprehension. It really helped me nail the problem. My comprehension of a question was totally dependent on my mood. Master Comprehension really helped me with the right way of comprehending sentences and pausing at the right places, thereby improving my overall comprehension substantially.

I still need to get a little bit faster though with the methodology but in a few weeks I should be able to comprehend faster and also improve my score significantly.

Just one improvement for the course. Though the videos are really detailed, I feel it takes a long time to cover the entire portion. It would be good to condense at some places for effective studying.

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