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Great Material for verbal for non-natives!


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I studied all the verbal course except IR ( I didn't have the time). Of all the courses, SC section was the most helpful for me. The course consists of many modules, and each module has lecture, basic quiz, advanced quiz, and the list of OG questions testing the concept lectured in the module. By working module by module, I was able to grasp the basic concept and learn to apply the concept.

The way e-gmat explains the grammar concept is thorough and very non-native friendly. I've read SC books from the Manhattan review before, and although the book was overall helpful, there are some concept I could not understand from their explanation. Thanks to e-gmat, I was able to fill the gap.

e-gmat provides answer explanations for OG questions. The answer explanations in the GMAT official guide were sometimes incomprehensive to me, so this feature of e-gmat was really helpful.

Completing all the module took time, but I really think it was worth the effort.

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