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A course with lots of GMAT hacks


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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So I joined this course thinking that it'll drastically improve my capabilities for verbal section. While it does teaches you nuances of English grammar along with creating conceptual clarity, the real essence of this course lies in teaching the gmat hacks. The exam is pretty much predictable in terms of what kind of wrong ans choices the creators can put in the exam. egmat has identified all of those pre-hand and have included them in the course. One's job is essentially to internalise these hacks so that when you attempt the real exam, you will be able to spot these errors in a second.
The SC part is the real deal. This will be perhaps the best SC course in the market. For CR, you must complement it with books like PowerScore, Manhattan etc. For RC, you can't do much except from improving your reading skills which will come by practice only.
Ensure that you utiilize the Scholaranium which has a collection of 700+ good quality Verbal questions. It comes with a bit of analytics though I still feel there is a lot of room to grow in terms of improving these features, the analytics bit and overall interface.
It offered few freebies like GMAT Club 6 month access and a test series so all in all a real sweet deal!

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