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Amazing course!


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I started my GMAT prep, as many people do, with no clue on how to fix sentences or how to read passages properly. After only a few weeks of study I was able to improve my score by over a 100 points. Just to put things into perspective, I was scoring in 400s and 500s in the couple of months of my study. I went through other courses tutorials, although they were helpful in Quant the verbal sections were no match for the E-Gmat's verbal section. I wish I had started my study with E-Gmat since i wasted a lot of money on other courses and books that didn't teach me much. My only regret right now is that I wish I had used E-Gmat quant as well because their course is just excellent. I have read many of Payal's posts on verbal and quant topics and the posts are amazing, filled with tidbits of knowledge.

I highly recommend this course to students who are looking to improve their verbal and quant skills. Especially if you are a non-native speaker then don't waste any time looking at other courses. I improved from V20 (my initial mock) to V38 in a quick few months of study. After only about 4-6 weeks of study, I never scored below V35 in any of my mocks.

SC was my weakest section, I had absolutely no clue on how to begin correcting a sentence. I went though the first module which taught me what a clause is, what a phrase is and what role conjunctions play in a sentence. What is a run-on sentence and how to spot structural issues in 5 seconds. Then from there, i was able to learn step by step how to spot SV errors, Parallelism errors, Modifier errors, comparison errors and few remaining minor SC topics.

I am now getting 85%-90% of SC questions correct and am very confident in my ability. So I want to thank e-Gmat for their amazing course. Thank you Rajat, Payal and other members of E-GMAT for everything.

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