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Thanks E-GMAT for such a wonderful course


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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E-GMAT has been great companion during my journey to prepare for GMAT. Course offered by E-Gmat is wonderful. I subscribed for E-GMAT verbal online course as I wanted to study at my own pace. As, I started learning with Verbal section, I really thanked god for choosing such a great course. First of all, course try to know my own potential and then provide all the theory and concepts related to the topic to further improve my learning. I was very scared of critical reasoning questions, but Falsification method, Pre thinking strategy and negation techniques have raised my confidence in this topic and ease my job. Sentence correction topics have been explained in such a detailed manner with very nice examples that I can challenge any one that he/she can score great in sentence correction part if one learn and follow all techniques and methods explained in the course. In reading comprehension part, I learnt how to comprehend instead of just reading by following E-Gmat strategy. Time is very important factor in solving passages. E - Gmat strategies have been very helpful in managing time and solve primary purpose questions or inference questions correctly. Then, there are various kind of quizzes which helped me to fortify my concepts and know my weakness in particular topics. There is a section in online course with name scholaranium which tests my ability in various topics and show my progress through detail statistics. Same kind of strategy is followed in Quant section too. Algebra, Number properties, Probabilities concepts which are very challenging to solve have been explained in very comprehensive manner. I have never found any course which follow such a state of art methodology. I have also gone through KAPLAN and MAGOOSH, but didnot find these courses as effective and easy as E-GMAT course. Thanks E - GMAT for helping me in fulfilling my dreams.

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