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E-GMAT- Best Online course for Verbal


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I am a non- native English speaker and was looking for a good for a Verbal Course which could help improve my S.C section. I purchased S.C course and I must say that was the best investment I have made so far. It’s a tailor-made course for aspirants who are weak in Verbal and covers all topics from a GMAT standpoint.
The course is organized and has a nice flow which helps you get the maximum learning out of it.The excellent insights provided in videos of all topics give you in depth knowledge and help you strengthen your weak areas.A ton of thanks to Verbal Instructors Shraddha and Payal. Their approach of dissecting each S.C Question by splitting the clauses helped eliminating the wrong answer choices within short span of time.Their method of providing simple day to day examples to understand difficult questions made it easy to understand it.
The R.C strategy too worked well for me. I was not really good at solving main point and Inference Questions.The tactics provided in the webinar helped me ace this section. Pre-thinking the answers,paying close attention to the key words,making mental notes improved my accuracy around 80%.
I’ll without a doubt recommend everyone who wants to ace GMAT verbal to go for e-gmat without any hesitation.

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