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I have started to look at English as a logical language since I took the e-gmat verbal online course. Now when I read articles I am constantly categorising sentences into grammar components. The approach explained in e-gmat for SC and RC has been very helpful. I came across e-gmat advertisement links on Facebook during Dec 2016 and decided to try it
A little bit about my background, I am an IT professional with 11 years of work experience. With every passing year of work life I tended to read less of general English and more of technical books. I started preparing for GMAT since March 2016 and realised that my scores in verbal were stuck at 40-50% strike rate. By Dec 2016, I had attempted GMAT twice with abysmally poor scores of 20 in verbal while 46, 47 respectively in Quant. I am taking GMAT again this June end and hope to reach as near to 700 as possible. My RC strike rate has improved to 85% - this is through the reading techniques explained in e-gmat course and webinars. SC is explained very well with examples and simple rules, it is easier to spot errors once an individual has a mind map of what to look for. It is with practice that I have managed to inculcate the simple rules laid out by e-gmat, that one has to primarily comprehend the unambiguous meaning of the sentence first and then only look for the types of grammatical errors. My strike rate fluctuates in SC owing to my concentration levels given a particular day.
The journey to get a decent score in GMAT has been long, difficult and one of self-discovery. I will like to thank e-gmat for making it easier through their verbal online course

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