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My first verbal score was at 27 and my second verbal score was at 34. I started using e-gmat after I achieved my second score. The course helped me understand the foundation concepts of sentence correction and critical reasoning. I didn't take the RC portion of the verbal prep solely because I wasn't bothered at all. My scores were quite rocky for verbal but at the end it shine through because I kept reviewing the solutions on scholaranium. I would say that 70% of my jump from V32 to V42 can be attributed to e-GMAT's teaching.

Sentence correction videos of e-GMAT are a gem. When I first tackled GMAT, I just went solely by ear. I didn't have any guidelines or proper understanding of what GMAT wants. e-GMAT helped me understand those guidelines and adopt a logical approach to solving sentence correction questions. The one thing I might add about e-GMAT is even though its approach is logical and accurate, the process was quite slow. I had to come up with my own pacing and strategies in order to make sure I won't run over the clock.

The critical reasoning portion, despite other reviews saying it's not as good as sentence correction, I think it's one of the best. I am not a native speaker and so my brain does not process English logic that well. It took quite some time for me to wrap my head around the usage of logical cues in GMAT and e-GMAT taught me exactly those words. I love how each section of the videos would highlight out word cues, especially for bold face. In order to make the best about of my e-GMAT experience, I listed out all the cue words given by e-GMAT and map them out myself on an A4 so I can look at critical reasoning holistically. Every type of questions has some sort of link with each other. Without e-GMAT i think I would have not hit a 97%-tile on the critical reasoning portion.

I would totally recommend e-GMAT for people, non-native in particular, who just started studying GMAT. This is a great way to gain understanding of what GMAT tests you. However, if you want to score higher than 38, you need to do your own legwork and a lot of practices.

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