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I started my GMAT preparation in September 2016. After going through several materials from various sources available to me, I did the mock exams. I was disappointed with my scores as I could not go beyond 670. Being an Engineering grad, quant section was not a big concern for me. But where I faltered the most was the verbal section. My score in the verbal was hovering between 29 to 32 even after putting in a lot of effort. Then I came across e-gmat from the various reviews posted on the site. The glowing reviews about guaranteed verbal improvement convinced me to subscribe to the verbal online course. When I went through the material it just blew me away. The structured content and the lucid explanations were the things I was missing in my preparation in the last couple of months. Meaning based approach in SC improved my accuracy to over 90 percent. The content of the scholaranium is of high quality and it helped me a lot in my practice for the next 2 months. The timely webinars are really handy to get a grasp of things. Finally scored a V37 in the actual exam in my first attempt owing to certain mistakes I committed in the actual exam. I will go for a second attempt and try to get above V40 this time around. I have even extended the subscription as well as it has become an integral part in my preparation.I would definitely recommend this material to anyone struggling with his/her verbal preparation.

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