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I have started preparing for GMAT exam in December 2016. Back then I was very weak at both math and verbal and I had to start from the very beginning. While I was preparing, I put the emphasis on my Quant and SC as I couldn't find any interesting material for RC and CR. Moreover, I thought that my logic was enough to handle all CR and RC question. I didn't have any structured approach and I mainly relied on my intuition. My first attempt was on mid-April and I got the average score of 690 with Q50 and V32.

I had to stop preparing for GMAT course for a while and when I started again in June, I purchased the package of GMAT-club that included the e-GMAT verbal course (prior to that I had only e-GMAT SC). I have tried all of the sections and here is my opinion.

SC : Pros - I have gone through all the videos and I found them very useful. I liked how clearly instructor explained all the topics and liked the quizzes at the end of each topic.
Cons - Not practical at all for revising. One usually studies the topics and constantly revises not to forget them. However, it is not comfortable to do quick revision using e-GMAT as you cannot go through each topic in a couple of minutes. I suggest the e-GMAT introduces the written version of the course.

CR: Pros: The best course so far. During the course, I learned how to do pre-thinking. All the types of questions are clearly explained and the ways to solve them are just perfect. When I was going through the course, I was so surprised to know that there are so many details I didn’t know. I especially liked the «Assumptions» topic and the negating technique e-GMAT teaches. After covering all the topics I have noticed that my CR accuracy increased tremendously.
Cons: Do not exist

RC: Pros: The overall course was good. Several interesting strategies were offered. I especially liked the strategy of intentional Pausing. In addition, e-GMAT perfectly explains how to find the main idea of the passage.
Cons: All strategies offered by e-GMAT are not applicable together because of the limited time during the exam.

I also would like to mention the quality of Verbal questions on Scholarium. I have solved many other verbal questions from other resources, but none were as good as those of e-GMAT. While solving them, I have had an impression that those are very similar to official ones.

I had my second attempt at the end of the June. I’ve chosen the following order: Verbal, Quant, IR, Essay. To be honest, I got cold 1 day before an exam and started the exam with the temperature of 38. I took pills but they didn't help me. I started well but at the end of the verbal section, I was feeling so bad that I fell behind and had to skip one reading passage. Nevertheless, I finished my exam with 720 points with Q49 and V40. I improved my verbal by 8 points, but I believe the real improvement was a little bit higher. I was just ill and couldn’t show the best. When I ordered enhanced score report, it became clear that I did only 1 mistake in CR, 2 in SC and 3 in RC (it wasn’t written in the score report, but it is easy to calculate using the percentage in the report). I actually attribute this improvement to e-GMAT course.

To summarize, I recommend this course to all people who want to improve their verbal especially if they want to improve it by the huge improvement in CR accuracy.

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