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Excellent Verbal Course!
December 11 | 2017
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This review is for: e-GMAT Verbal Online
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E-gmat verbal was excellent! The course helped me break down complex sentence structures, critical thinking questions, and RC passages I took for granted. Mastering the basic building blocks helped me navigate tricky GMAT verbal questions.

Using English in a daily/ professional setting is not enough. The GMAT tests grammar to the tiniest detail and e-gmat helps you recognise these tricky traps. My SC improvement was among the question types that raised my score.

E-gmat helped me identify question patterns among CR questions, making this section a lot more manageable.

E-gmat was helpful for the basics you can't ignore when evaluating the key messages /inferences in the passage.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this course. I took the online course and it was well worth it! Kudos!! I wish I took this course earlier and had more time to practice with it :)

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